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From personal areas to public spaces, Mosaics give life to surfaces of all sizes and shapes, be they walls, floors, ceilings, or anything in between. EMAAA produce tailored interior and exterior decoration all the way from the first drawing to the in-situ installation. The Mosaic is an aesthetic, durable, hard-wearing medium, ideal for creating or reinforcing the identity of a space.
In draft, it is often difficult to take the measure of what will make the mosaic. It is an image but it is also a subject that causes impressions related to this very tactile component. In Materials and Designs, you will discover the materials, their appearance and color, but also the way in which we cut and assemble them. In Preparation of the work we present ideas for installing mosaic in the habitat. And of course you will also discover in this rubric some of our Creations.

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Mosaïque d’art