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mosaics created by Odorico, detail of a frontal

Poirier Building


Restoration of Art-Deco Mosaics created by Odorico. Managed by the architect Séverine Touchet and performed between 2016 and 2017, under the direction of the Michel Patrizio. The Mosaic dated from 1930 and had not be regularly repaired.

Main causes of degradation: Pollution, cracking, water leakage and deterioration of the protective glass layer on the gold tesserae.

Work undertaken: Diagnosis, injections, partial removal and re-installation, gap filling and cleaning. 

Les étapes de restauration

immeuble Poirier avant restauration

Le projet de restauration concerne l'ensemble de la façade (maçonnerie, peinture, ferronnerie, couverture) et couvre une période d'environ un an.

deterioration of the protective glass layer on the gold tesserae.

The mosaic has suffered from the effects of pollution but also from water runoff deposits or the deterioration of materials such as gold whose thin protective layer sometimes peels off, leaving bare the weakened metal.

deterioration of the mosaic surface cause by pollution

after restoration

The deposits have been eliminated and the golds replaced by new ones.
The original mosaic is a mixture of Briare enamel, porcelain stoneware and glass paste. The golds that animate the background are characteristic of the Odorico style, recognizable at first glance.

the surface of the mosaic is clean and shiny again

chipping hammer

removing degradate mosaic with a chipping hammer

removing degradate mosaic

completed restoration

The passer-by rediscovers the originality of the forms and the radiance of the balconies. Appreciate the fusion of architecture and decor, a beautiful testimony of the relevance of the decorations of Odorico on the architecture of his time.

view of the facade after the completed restoration

restored facade, detail of the 6th floor

Detail of the facade at the end of the interventions.

detail of the 6th floor from Odorico's building, lines pattern
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